Hillbilly Troupe

Hillbilly Troupe – Hillbilly Troupe

by Nick Boldockon 16th June 2021
The Troupe's debut album, released back in 2014 and still sounding utterly brilliant today... [...]

Nerve Blocks

Artist: Nerve Blocks

by Nick Boldockon 9th January 2021
Nerve Blocks were a Hull punk rock group started by three school pals at Kingston High School in 1979 [...]

Joe Solo - Left Turn On Liberty Lane

Joe Solo – Left Turn On Liberty Lane

by Nick Boldockon 2nd January 2021
Acclaimed 2014 album by singer songwriter Joe Solo, with guest Rebekah Findlay on violin [...]

Paul Moller (1982)

Artist: What Katy Did Next

by Nick Boldockon 3rd July 2020
"...the general idea behind it was to get drunk, take drugs, have fun and play..." [...]

Antone's Guitars, Beverley Road, Hull

Shop: Antone’s Guitars / Music Workshop

by Nick Boldockon 17th June 2020
Owner Tony Beasty very kindly sent us his potted history of his two iconic music shops, Music Workshop and Antone's Guitars [...]

Rich Rags (Hull)

Artist: Rich Rags

by Nick Boldockon 27th May 2020
Rich Rags began in around 1987 when guitarist Jon Stewart Forester recruited front man Ian Wright. The first couple of years saw a revolving door of members that included Mark Dennis of Re-Animator, Dave Harker, and John Andrew, later of Kingmaker [...]

Addvision - EP

Addvision – EP

by Nick Boldockon 24th May 2020
The second release on specialist cassette-only label The Penny Dreadful [...]

2 Loops Lautrec - Ojah (label)

Artist: 2 Loops Lautrec

by Nick Boldockon 24th May 2020
An early one-off recording alias of Steve Cobby and Dave McSherry (better known of course, as electronic trailblazers Fila Brazillia), the one and only 2 Loops Lautrec release remains the 1993 Pork single "Ojah" [...]

Cold Dance

Artist: Cold Dance

by Nick Boldockon 23rd May 2020
Cold Dance was a gothic post punk band, formed in 1982 from a Hull pub covers band called Useless Information, the brainchild of drummer Kevin Hunter and bass player Paul Green [...]

Johnny Solo live at The Bull, Hull

Artist: Johnny Solo

by Nick Boldockon 19th May 2020
Johnny Richardson (a.k.a. Johnny Solo) and Chris Brown were at Art College together. They frequently collaborated with poets and performance artists, meeting Steve Marshall on the way [...]