Various Artists – Hull Scene Vol. 1

by on 25th October 2016


Label: Warren Records

Format: Double CD (41 tracks)

Cat No: WR011

Released: 2014


Artist Title
1_1 Mother Up For Hours
2 Counting Coins Misdirected Anger
3 Smiler Out Of Hand
4 Chiedu Oraka I’m From A City
5 Breeze Love Stoned
6 Paris XY The Space
7 Dead Hormones General Error
8 Emily Moulton No Way Out
9 Felony Eyes Of Blue
10 Half Deaf Clatch Dancing In The Rain
11 Endoflevelbaddie Strollin’
12 LIFE Crawling
13 Tom Skelly & The Salty Beards Morning Sun
14 Affairs Contact
15 Joe Duncan Get One
16 Oedipus The King Life Time
17 System Paralysis Wake Up
18 The Quicksilver Kings For All The Times
19 Bud Sugar Ya Daddy’s Wood
20 Danny Landau 45
21 Mono Life Phantoms
2_1 Kev La Kat Shake The Devil
2 King No-One Millenium
3 Young Jack Coming To Get You
4 Dan Spooner The Architect
5 Drartz Rapture (Feat. Lyn Acton)
6 Of Allies Ghost
7 The Holy Orders Paper/Scissors/Stone
8 Making Dens White Noize
9 Copenhagen Ain’t No Lie
10 Happy Endings Uncomfortable
11 Messengers Patterns
12 The Mighty And The Moon Take My Heart
13 La Bete Blooms Wishing I Could Kill
14 Ysabelle Wombwell 2006
15 Matthew Hedley Stoppard & The Glass Delusion You’ll Find Us In The Parks
16 The Talks Life In Colour
17 Lockdown Abstract Reality
18 Crooked Weather Control Your Blues
19 The Dyr Sister The Unknown Soldier
20 Hillbilly Troupe Durham Gaol