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Skyline Ballroom ticket

Ephemera: John Lee Hooker / Skyline ticket

by Nick Boldockon 8th October 2016
  This pair of tickets for the 1967 Hull Student’s Charity Rag “Blues Dance” were sent in to us by Pete Haine, who bought them at a retro fair in Whitstable, Kent (quite how they had ended up there is anyone’s guess). They appear to be autographed by blues legend John Lee Hooker (headliner on […]

Scamps ticket

Ephemera: Scamps Ticket

by Nick Boldockon 12th July 2016
Ticket for Scamps nightclub (loaned to us by Rob Goldberg – thanks Rob!). Scamps of course became Odyssey (actually wasn’t it spelt wrong?) which burnt down under allegedly suspicious circumstances back in the 1980s. Anyone remember Scamps?