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Artist: The Pressure Group

by Nick Boldockon 21st July 2017
The band that eventually became The Pressure Group first started rehearsing in the sound laboratory that was the bathroom of student house, 34 Auckland Avenue. Michael McGrath and Kevin Wade had rudimentary grasps of guitar chords, Mike Catling was OK on the mouth organ and drummer Mike Norton cut his teeth by banging an upturned waste bin [...]

The Pressure Group - All Of This And More

News: The Pressure Group retrospective out now

by Nick Boldockon 16th May 2017
  Back in 1987, Hull band The Pressure Group released a low-key 7″ EP, “Only God Is Perfect” on their own Poltroon Records imprint. That record is now insanely rare and copies change hands for three figure sums in the record collecting fraternity – and until now, the songs contained therein have never been reissued. […]