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The Black Delta Movement

Artist: The Black Delta Movement

by Nick Boldockon 10th November 2016
The Black Delta Movement are a heavy garage rock 'n' roll outfit from Hull. Formed in July 2010, The Black Delta Movement played their first show at Hulls Freedom Festival and released their first EP 3 months later. The BDM have since released 3 more EP’s and three singles, all to sell-out launch parties. [...]

Late Night Fiction - Horsefight

Late Night Fiction – Horsefight

by Nick Boldockon 7th November 2016
2010 CD single [...]


Artist: Kestrel

by Nick Boldockon 22nd October 2016
Kestrel were formed in 1984, consisting of Iain Cargill (vocals and rhythm guitar), Neil Cargill (drums and backing vocals), Trev Garton (lead guitar and backing vocals) and Steve Preston (bass guitar and backing vocals). [...]

Snake Eye CD

News: Snake Eye release “lost” album

by Nick Boldockon 28th September 2016
Way back in 1971, legendary Hull-based progressive blues/rock band Snake Eye (who had evolved from the equally celebrated Red Dirt) recorded an album which could – indeed, should – have been a milestone in Hull music. Had it been released, it may well have proved to be exactly that – but crucially, and for reasons […]

Artist: Armoured Heart

by Nick Boldockon 10th August 2016
Heavy metal band based in Bilton, just east of Hull. Their only recording - aside from two fairly obscure compilation appearances (see below) - appears to be their 1986 three-track demo tape, still highly regarded among metal completists and well worth a listen if you can manage to find a copy.