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Self Drive Records

Label: Self Drive Music

by Nick Boldockon 28th August 2019
Independent label run by local band Red Guitars, primarily as a vehicle for their own records though the label also put out singles by Poor Howard and Jeremy Kidd [...]

The Cheapskates (90s)

Gallery: T-Shirts

by Nick Boldockon 3rd November 2018
Our ever-growing online gallery of Hull music t-shirts...

Red Guitars – Seven Types Of Ambiguity – The BBC Sessions

by Nick Boldockon 27th August 2018
Compilation featuring BBC sessions and radio versions of the band's recordings.

Artist: Robert Holmes

by Nick Boldockon 21st October 2017
Robert Holmes was initially in the local spotlight as the vocalist in Hull outfit Poor Howard (who put out the excellent "Maybe Tomorrow" single in '84). That single came out via the Red Guitars' record label Self Drive, and the two bands played together on numerous occasion [...]

News: UEA History Project – Red Guitars

by Nick Boldockon 6th July 2017
  The University Of East Anglia’s UEA Gigs project is a sprawling archive exploring the history of live music at the UEA, a longstanding and renowned venue with a rich heritage. What’s this got to do with Hull, we hear you ask? Well, Hull’s Red Guitars played not once but three times at the UEA […]

Red Guitars

Artist: Red Guitars

by Nick Boldockon 25th October 2016
The Red Guitars were a product of the vibrant music scene which existed in Hull in the late 1970s and early 80s. Debut single Good Technology was championed by the late, great John Peel who played it on his Radio One show. [...]

Best Of Hull Volume One (2CD)

Various Artists – Best Of Hull Volume One

by Nick Boldockon 24th October 2016
Compilation released to coincide with the 2009 Freedom Festival. [...]