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Room 22 - T.O.S.C.

Room 22 – T.O.S.C.

by Nick Boldockon 27th May 2022
Four track EP on the Hull's New Breed imprint [...]

Nerve Blocks

Artist: Nerve Blocks

by Nick Boldockon 9th January 2021
Nerve Blocks were a Hull punk rock group started by three school pals at Kingston High School in 1979 [...]

The Criminals publicity photo 1981

Artist: The Criminals

by Nick Boldockon 18th April 2020
The Criminals were formed early in 1981 when two ex members of Animation, Norm Kirby (lead vocal) and Lawrence Abel (bass guitar) joined forces with Mick Buxton (ex Mental Block) on lead guitar and Duncan O'Connor on drums [...]

The Probe - Live 1978 Bestobel House Hull

Artist: The Probe

by Nick Boldockon 17th April 2020
The Probe was formed by five East Hull lads in 1977, all inspired by the punk rock explosion to go out and do it themselves. [...]

Norm Kirby

Artist: Norm Kirby

by Nick Boldockon 27th May 2019
Born April '59, exactly two months after the death of Buddy Holly, so just the right age to be discovering glam rock, David Bowie and Iggy Pop [...]

The Freaks Union – My Only Vote

by Nick Boldockon 19th May 2018
Split 7" on clear vinyl [...]

Lithium Joe

Artist: Lithium Joe

by Nick Boldockon 25th October 2016
Lithium Joe were a popular and prolific indie-punk band formed in the early 90s. Since the band's dissolution in 2001, frontman Paul Thompson has carved out an acclaimed solo career as the outspoken singer-songwriter and activist Joe Solo. [...]

Hull's New Breed vol. 1

Various Artists – Hull’s New Breed – Vol. 1

by Nick Boldockon 5th October 2016
Punk compilation CD (click for more detail)...

Gobble & The Cocks

Artist: Gobble & The Cocks

by Nick Boldockon 22nd August 2016
“We play loud aggressive music, which tends to get labelled as ‘punk’, although we are not a straightforward punk band and draw from a wide range of influences. We are not political in the sense that we have a particular agenda, but life is political and we attempt to reflect this...