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Nyam Nyam - Hope Of Heaven

Nyam Nyam – Hope Of Heaven

by Nick Boldockon 14th May 2020
Essential listening, Nyam Nyam's 1984 LP "Hope Of Heaven" was their only full length release and remains an underrated but highly recommended record [...]

Memorabilia: The Wellington Club / The Welly

by Nick Boldockon 23rd February 2017
A selection of flyers/posters from the esteemed Welly Club [...]

Nyam Nyam

Artist: Nyam Nyam

by Alex Wilsonon 2nd January 2017
Formed in Hull, 1979 around core members Paul Trynka (guitar/vocal), Trevor Simpson (bass/guitars) and Steve Jessop (drums), Nyam Nyam are one of the city’s finest post-punk acts. [...]