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Resolve Records

Label: Resolve Records

by Nick Boldockon 21st July 2017
The following post originally appeared on Joe Solo's website (find it here) and is reproduced here with Joe's permission (and a big thank you). So, Joe, Resolve Records then... [...]

Lithium Joe - War Stories EP

Lithium Joe – War Stories E.P.

by Nick Boldockon 28th October 2016
7" EP from 1998... [...]

Too Nice For Words

Various Artists – Too Nice For Words

by Nick Boldockon 26th October 2016
The last of a series of five cassette compilations put together in the early 90s by promoter and musician Chris Warkup. [...]

Lithium Joe

Artist: Lithium Joe

by Nick Boldockon 25th October 2016
Lithium Joe were a popular and prolific indie-punk band formed in the early 90s. Since the band's dissolution in 2001, frontman Paul Thompson has carved out an acclaimed solo career as the outspoken singer-songwriter and activist Joe Solo. [...]