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The Solid Doctor - How About Some Ether

Artist: The Solid Doctor

by Nick Boldockon 17th June 2017
The Solid Doctor was one of the many recording aliases of Fila Brazillia / Pork Recordings mainman Steve Cobby [...]

Fila Brazillia - The Goggle Box

Fila Brazillia – The Goggle Box

by Nick Boldockon 7th April 2017
7" single from 2004 on striking pink vinyl [...]

Deep Shade - Blackest Day

Deep Shade – Blackest Day

by Nick Boldockon 27th December 2016
Catchy dance single from 1997 [...]

Rob Hubbard

Artist: Rob Hubbard

by Rich Sharp Wilsonon 30th October 2016
Rob Hubbard could well be one of the most prolific British music composers of the 1980s. His music could be heard coming out of bedrooms all over the country, as young 80s Brits spent hours on end listening to his music. His work was ground-breaking, as he pushed the boundaries of what was possible with the technology of the time. Never heard of him? [...]

Sean Johnson

Artist: Sean Johnston

by Alex Wilsonon 12th July 2016
Acid House Veteran, Techno Survivor, Hardway Bros, Beard Scientist and Freelance Disco Consultant he has played at some of London’s landmark clubs including The Promised Land, Sabre Sonic, Club UK, Final Frontier, Disco Bloodbath and was one of the founding residents at London Super Club Cable… [soundcloud] Sean Johnston was born and raised in Hull, […]