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Chapel Of Rest

Chapel Of Rest – A Twilight Serenade

by Nick Boldockon 4th May 2017
Six track cassette from death metal band Chapel Of Rest [...]

Joyce - Skinhead McVitae

Joyce – Skinhead McVitae

by Nick Boldockon 5th April 2017
Demo tape from 1991 [...]

The Adelphi Club - Live In Early '95

Various Artists – The Adelphi Club – Live In Early ’95

by Nick Boldockon 6th March 2017
Compilation cassette featuring a series of artists recorded live at the Adelphi in 1995. [...]

Badness - Skasoles! On Tour

Badness – Skasoles! On Tour

by Nick Boldockon 6th December 2016
We emailed Badness about this tape and here's what frontman Mike Watts had to say... [...]

Obscene Females

Obscene Females – Obscene Females [demo]

by Nick Boldockon 1st December 2016
1991 demo tape [...]

Armoured Heart – Armoured Heart

by Nick Boldockon 13th October 2016
Armoured Heart's only known release (aside from two compilation appearances). [...]