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Artist: The Gold Needles

by Nick Boldockon 8th November 2017
Originally formed as a studio project, The Gold Needles have expanded recently to become a full live band. [...]

Artist: At Circles End

by Nick Boldockon 30th October 2017
At Circles End are a modern Indie/Rock 5 piece formed in Hull UK city of culture 2017. [...]

The Holy Orders - Dedicated Follower Of Fashioning Misery

The Holy Orders – Dedicated Follower Of Fashioning Misery

by Nick Boldockon 1st June 2017
7" single on heavyweight vinyl [...]

Live Lans

Artist: Live Lans

by Nick Boldockon 15th May 2017
Live Lans is an emerging artist transcending genre lines. [...]

Shiznitz - Boathouse Masters

Shiznitz – Boathouse Masters

by Nick Boldockon 8th December 2016
Debut 10-track album from Shiznitz [...]

Jackson D

Artist: Jackson D

by Nick Boldockon 30th November 2016
Jackson D, in his own words... Strangely my variable influences such as Brett Anderson, Morrissey, Jarvis Cocker and Presley are not reflected in my performance or sound. If anything it's the artists I have ignored that are assigned to me. [...]