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Artist: JJ Fuchs

by Nick Boldockon 21st October 2017
One of many recording pseudonyms of Fila Brazillia mainstay Steve Cobby, JJ Fuchs was (to date, at least) a one-off moniker which yielded the one-sided 12" single "Stick It In T'Middle".

Fila Brazillia - The Goggle Box

Fila Brazillia – The Goggle Box

by Nick Boldockon 7th April 2017
7" single from 2004 on striking pink vinyl [...]

The Raywells - Hypermania

The Raywells – Hypermania

by Nick Boldockon 30th December 2016
CD single from 2003 [...]

Circus Envy

Artist: Circus Envy

by Nick Boldockon 19th October 2016
Circus Envy were an alternative folk band formed in Hull in 2005, three of the band having previously worked together in Still Life. Featuring a line-up of primarily acoustic instruments, they added a traditional sensibility to their intricately crafted harmony-led modern songs with use of bouzouki, mandolin and cajon. [...]

Sandman magazine logo

Magazine: Sandman

by Nick Boldockon 5th October 2016
Sandman first hit the Hull streets in late 2003, a bi-monthly free music magazine which was part of a group of similar titles – Sandman also had distinct regional versions in York, Sheffield and Leeds. Even as a standalone publication, some of the content was common across all four imprints, though the cover feature was […]

Gobble & The Cocks

Artist: Gobble & The Cocks

by Nick Boldockon 22nd August 2016
“We play loud aggressive music, which tends to get labelled as ‘punk’, although we are not a straightforward punk band and draw from a wide range of influences. We are not political in the sense that we have a particular agenda, but life is political and we attempt to reflect this...