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The Newfolks On Record EP

Artist: The Newfolks

by Nick Boldockon 7th November 2016
The Newfolks were a group of students from Kingston Upon Hull College Of Education (nowadays known as Hull College, of course). [...]

The Skysounds

The Skysounds – No Matter Where I Wander

by Nick Boldockon 6th November 2016
7" single from 1966 from The Skysounds [...]

The Skysounds

Artist: The Skysounds

by Nick Boldockon 6th November 2016
The Skysounds were a continuation of earlier group The Panthers and took their name from the Skyline Ballroom, where they were the resident house band. [...]

Newland French Choir - French Songs

Newland French Choir – French Songs

by Nick Boldockon 19th October 2016
  Format: 10″ LP Label: Rapid Recording Service Cat No: RAP 1 Released: early 60s Tracklisting Title Composer(s) A1 Au Bord De La Rivière A2 Colquiques Dans Les Prés Francine Cokenpot A3 Mignonne, Allons Voir Si La Rose Ronsard, Costeley A4 Marine A5 L’Alphabet Mozart A6 La Berceuse Du Petit Zébu P. Nino, J. Ibert […]

Tom Courtenay

Artist: Tom Courtenay

by Nick Boldockon 18th October 2016
Primarily known as an actor, Hull-born Tom Courtenay released "Mrs Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter" back in 1963. The song was the theme tune to a TV play called The Lads (in which Courtenay appeared) but is most known as a hit for Herman's Hermits in 1965 - though Courtenay's recording is actually the original version. [...]

Ronnie Hilton sheet music

Sheet Music: Ronnie Hilton

by Nick Boldockon 23rd August 2016
  The original printed sheet music for Ronnie Hilton’s “If This Is Love”. The single itself was released in February 1962 on His Master’s Voice but was not a hit. We found this near mint condition sheet music in Hessle Road record shop E&M Mart. (Hull Music Archive)