Stoneferry / Arthur Burgan Orchestra – Both Sides Of The Bridge

by on 2nd June 2017

(Scans: Hull Music Archive)

Artist: The Arthur Burgan Humberside Concert Orchestra / Stoneferry

Format: LP

Label: Writers Reign

Cat No: WR 32

Released: 1980


Track Artist
Suite: The Humber Bridge, For Orchestra
A1 The Arthur Burgan Humberside Concert Orchestra Foundation And March
A2 The Arthur Burgan Humberside Concert Orchestra Spinning
A3 The Arthur Burgan Humberside Concert Orchestra Working
A4 The Arthur Burgan Humberside Concert Orchestra Peace
A5 The Arthur Burgan Humberside Concert Orchestra Ouverture
Humber Bridge: Variations For Group
B1 Stoneferry Theme For The Bridge
B2 Stoneferry Arrival
B3 Stoneferry Spinning
B4 Stoneferry Workout / Bones Rag
B5 Stoneferry Peace
B6 Stoneferry Ouverture


Co-composer Steve Burnby spoke to Hull Music Archive about Both Sides Of The Bridge:

I am one of the two culprits responsible for creating and circulating the Both Sides of the Bridge album. My co-conspirator Dave (Newstone) sadly passed away in 2017, leaving me to be the one to add to the limited web presence of information about this project. Dave Newstone was the instigator of the concept, and I was persuaded to help him flesh out his original ideas, using my orchestral and rock band backgrounds to help him with the compositions and arrangements. The Musicians Union was a most influential backer of the project, giving us a grant which went a significant way towards financing the cost of engaging the orchestra and the recording studio costs. My earlier contacts with the Hull Junior Philharmonic Orchestra and their then conductor David Scotney meant we were able to give at least a couple of public performances of the orchestral suite (to supplement the one performance of the Rock version by Stoneferry which took place in the Locarno ballroom in Hull). A few years after this album, I moved to West Yorkshire, and I became increasingly drawn to performance rather than composition: nowadays I enjoy playing in a 1940’s-style swing band (Sundown Swing), a wind band and an orchestra.

Stoneferry was formed around 1974, and consisted initially of myself (keyboards), John Radcliffe (guitar/vocals), Don Hanson (bass) and Les Naylor (drums). John and I both worked at Reckitt & Colman Pharmaceutical Division (as it then was), where we discovered we had a lot of musical interests in common. We persuaded the others to join us, and went on to perform at several pubs and clubs around Hull, performing a mix of covers and our own original compositions.

Dave Newstone also worked at Reckitts, and was a drummer and singer with a trio who were resident band at Antler Club. Stoneferry and Dave’s trio (latterly called Granny’s Rocking Chair) frequently helped each other out with gigs where extra players were needed, or to cover for absences etc. Rod Yeomans was the guitarist with Dave’s trio.

When John left the area around 1979, the three of us remaining in Stoneferry dropped the name, and took the position of resident band initially at the Hospital Club, and later at Blackburns Club Brough, and finally at Southcoates Club. We adopted the name of LSD Trio – named after our 3 initials I must point out (Les/Steve/Don).

When Dave and I started collaboration on the Humber Bridge project (by which time we had added guitarist Tony Underwood into our fold) and the concept had emerged of the two sides (North and South, represented by the Orchestral and Rock Group versions), we needed a name for the band, and decided to resurrect the old Stoneferry name, as the name was still remembered in the area, and we felt it was appropriate as this was to be in a style in keeping with the sound and style that Stoneferry had developed for previous live performances of original compositions.

Among the line up on the record, Dave passed away earlier this year [2017]. Of the remaining musicians, Don now lives in Spain, I live in West Yorkshire, Les moved away to Southern England, and as far as I know Tony and Rod are still in East Yorkshire.

The original Stoneferry line up (John, Don, Les and myself) did produce an album of original (vocal) numbers (which we had often featured in our live gigs), and which was never released, as John moved from the area shortly after we had worked on this.

Thanks to Steve for sharing his recollections with us.



Side 1 is a classical composition celebrating the building of the Humber Bridge. Side 2 is a reworking of the same themes, but performed by a six piece prog rock band. It sounds mad but it’s not bad at all! Quite an interesting record, we think.

All compositions are by D. J. Newstone and S. L. Burnby. Recorded at Humberside Theatre (Spring Street Theatre). Engineered by Fairview’s Keith Herd.

All scans are by Hull Music Archive from our own copy of the record – with thanks to Paul Bird (Bird’s Nest Records) who found it for us.

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