News: Kindred Spirit fanzine reborn!

by on 8th March 2018


Firstly – an apology… we’ve been meaning to put this post up for an absolute age but life keeps getting in the way (and, you know, we keep forgetting…). You just can’t get the staff can you?

Anyway – better late than never eh!

So what’s this all about?

Back in the early 80s local music fan and writer Jill Webb launched her fanzine Kindred Spirit, which ran for four issues and ran some pretty impressive features, reviews and interviews with bands from Hull and further afield, with particular focus on the punk/post punk/new wave/goth scenes.

We were delighted to hear from Jill last year as she emailed to tell us she has launched an online blog to relive the glory days of Kindred Spirit – she has already started to transfer content from the original ‘zines onto the blog and there’s some fantastic reading on there.

Check it out here – Kindred Spirit on Blogspot.

And we’ve got more on Kindred Spirit to come to the Hull Music Archive website very soon.