News: Adelphi to become Community Interest Company

by on 16th February 2018


A series of teasers on social media in the past few days told us there was to be an “important announcement” from the Adelphi this week. And last night, at the Hamell On Trial gig, the secret was out…

After 34 years as the beating heart at the centre of Hull’s music scene, the Adelphi is set to become a Community Interest Company (CIC). In simple terms this means the Adelphi will be a non-profit community organisation, with profits ploughed back into the venue and into the music it has supported since the mid 1980s.

Jarvis Cocker and Paul Heaton, both long time friends of the Adelphi who cut their teeth performing at the venue at the start of their careers, will be patrons of the new CIC.

This new status will open doors for the club and allow it to apply for outside funding which until now has been out of reach, securing the long term future of one of the country’s most important and treasured independent venues. Perhaps more importantly, it will also allow owner and local music guru Paul “Jacko” Jackson to work towards a well-earned move away from running the venue full time (as he has done since day one) as he begins to approach retirement age.

This is truly fantastic news. The future of the Adelphi has been precarious at best on many occasions over the years, but with its new status as a CIC, the future should be bright.

Hull Music Archive would like to give a humongous high five to everybody involved with this venture – we can’t over-emphasise the importance of the Adelphi and the need for it to continue to do what it has done best for the past 34 years.

(Hull Music Archive)