Book: Lynda Hill – All You Need Is Hull

by on 2nd May 2016


Author Lynda Hill tells all…

In 2012, I was invited as a guest on the “Burnsy” show on BBC Radio Humberside. It was to be a “Beatles day” to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the release of the single Love Me Do.

Although I had told my story of meeting The Beatles on other shows previously, it became apparent that, due to the number of calls coming in from listeners, that I wasn’t the only person in Hull that had a story to tell of a brush with one or more of the Beatles.

In August 2013 I heard a Liverpool man called Dean Johnson being interviewed on BBC Radio Humberside. He was asking for anyone who had a Beatles story to tell to contact him; I did, and after hearing it he said he would like to include it in a new chapter of his book The Beatles And Me.

Remembering the people who I had heard previously, I told him that there were many more stories here in Hull. He suggested that we collaborate on a new book and call it All You Need Is Hull.  I set about tracing the people; I interviewed them and wrote down their stories. At this point I should say that I have never written a story before, so I was rather nervous about the whole thing. I had piles of discarded efforts until I eventually felt that I was on the right track. I emailed the stories to Dean and he was happy with them.

In January 2014 Dean was extremely busy with other projects and I was being asked when the book would be published. As he lives in the North West I asked him if he would consider letting me take over the book and continue with it alone here in Hull. He agreed, and I continued interviewing and writing.

Front cover

I had to then look at publishing and printing. This I found to be expensive, so I found a printer whose finished products looked good, and I set about the layout myself. I searched for images that would match the stories and asked the contributors if I could take photographs of their memorabilia. The Hull Daily Mail and the Hull History Centre were really helpful with my requests and it all seemed to be looking good.
I had it proof read, and by August a friend had set the pages with the images and stories for me. It was ready for printing.

Both myself and the contributors, are delighted that the stories of The Beatles’ visits to Hull at the dawn of Beatlemania, are now in print, and a chapter of the music scene in Hull in the 60s is recorded.

(Lynda Hill)