Label: The Village

by on 28th August 2019

Years Active

1999 – 2000


The New Adelphi Club, 89 De Grey Street, Hull


Record label originally set up by James Waudby and Luke Barwell from local band Salako, and then overseen by Fonda 500 and Adelphi boss Paul Jackson. Intended as a label that would promote “music that is either too good for, or beyond the reach of, the British corporate music industry”. The venture was shortlived, and as it transpired would only release a handful of Fonda 500 records – all of them, however, are as essential as you would expect. The Village as far as we can tell, never had a specific logo. It was occasionally known as “Village Records” as well as simply “The Village”.



Fonda 500 – 8 Track Sound System (CD) –  1999

Fonda 500 – The Autumn/Winter Collection (LP, CD) – 2000


Fonda 500 – Eight Track (CD, 7″) – 2000

Fonda 500 – Super Chimpanzee (CD, 7″) – 2000