The Housemartins – Themes For The Well-Dressed Man

by on 6th October 2017

(Scans: Andy Carr)

Artist: The Housemartins

Format: Cassette (9 track demo)

Label: [none]

Cat No: [none]

Released: 2 Jun 1984


Side One
1 All Men Are The Same
2 When Will I Be Released?
3 Skatsburg
4 Swansea (With Me)
Side Two
1 Singapore
2 It’s History
3 Time Spent Thinking
4 The Day I Called It A Day
5 Taxi To Singapore



The very first Housemartins release, this nine track demo featured just the duo of Paul Heaton and Stan [billed here as Ian] Cullimore.

Limited to 100 copies in its initial run, the tape was a sell out and more copies were subsequently made to meet demand. It has since been heavily bootlegged on CD and online. What you see here is an original copy of the cassette and inlay, with scans provided to Hull Music Archive by contributor Andy Carr (with thanks to Andy).

Original copies of this rare tape, should you be able to find one, will set you back around £50!