Artist: Emma Fee

by on 30th May 2016

Emma Fee is a Hull-based singer songwriter whose diverse musical influences include The Beatles, Blondie, Rory Gallagher and Sheryl Crow. She is also a member of Happy Endings.

She started singing and playing the guitar and piano at an early age. Growing up with a family who also loved to play, write and sing, it was a natural progression for her to start a band with two of her siblings. Emma, Adam and Rachel Fee are Happy Endings.

Emma embarked on a solo project to further develop her songwriting skills and style. The first fruits of this venture came with the release of her self-titled debut EP in 2012.

Following several more years developing her craft, debut album Too Busy Watching Invisible Things was released on 10th April 2015. The album contains 11 original songs written by Emma (including 4 co-written with Michael Jessop). She also plays the majority of the instruments on the album.

Currently working on the Happy Endings debut album which is due for release in 2016. Also planning to make some music videos and start work on another solo project.

In August 2016, Emma became a full time member of The Mighty & The Moon.


emma fee ep cover Emma Fee

4-track EP (CD)

Self released - 2012

emma-fee-too-busy-cover-thumb Too Busy Watching Invisible Things

11 track album (CD) (SODCD 1)

Self released - April 2015