Chris Hall – Tribute To Our Aero Heroine A M Y

by on 12th October 2016


Format: 78RPM shellac record (2 tracks)

Label: Edison Bell Radio

Cat No: 1352

Released: 1930


Title Composer
01 Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight J. G. Gilbert, H. Nicholls
02 A Tribute To Our Aero Heroine A M Y


(All scans: Hull Music Archive)


This record doesn’t originate from Hull, but the second side is a tribute to one of Hull’s most famous daughters – Amy Johnson – and on that basis we thought it only right to allow this record into our Archive!

Chris Hall was a pseudonym of the Manchester-born baritone Thomas Greenhalgh (also a.k.a. John Thorne). Greenhalgh was born in 1893 and died in 1939, nine years after the release of this charming homage to Hull’s greatest aviator.