Record Shops

Record Shop: DJ’s

by Nick Boldockon 13th January 2018
Record shop specialising in dance music, on vinyl and CD. [...]

Norman's Place

Record Shop: Norman’s Place

by Nick Boldockon 9th October 2016
I started my shop first (10 foot square) in Cotta Court in Cottingham, which was like a scene from a spaghetti western. All it needed was the tumbleweed blowing down the street; I swear you could actually hear eerie harmonica being played from the rooftoops by some mute midget in a top hat every time you went down there...

G.O. Records, Hull

Record Shop: G.O. Records (Golden Oldie)

by Nick Boldockon 9th October 2016
We have been around now for over 30 years. We first opened as "Golden Oldie" on Princes Ave where Pave [cafe bar] is now. After a few happy years there we moved a few doors down and after that to our current home on Cottingham Road where we became simply "G.O. Records". We have followed the market from vinyl to cassettes then CDs and now many are going back to vinyl.

Champion Sound Records

Record Shop: Champion Sound

by Nick Boldockon 9th October 2016
Run by Hull-based reggae DJ Jake Bizzle (Champion Sound System), Champion Sound is an online record store specialising...

Top Tunes record shop

Record Shop: Top Tunes

by Nick Boldockon 22nd August 2016
Top Tunes specialised in dance music and was based in Dagger Lane in Hull's Old Town (behind the Waterfront nightclub).