Pardon fanzine banner

Magazine: Pardon?

by Nick Boldockon 7th November 2016
Pardon? fanzine was launched in 1991 - we only have one issue (issue 2) and have no idea if there were any more put out - can you help? [...]

fRoots Oct 2009 - The Watersons

Magazine: fRoots, October 2009

by Nick Boldockon 30th October 2016
  October 2009 edition of the national magazine fRoots (formerly known as Folk Roots) including a five page feature on The Watersons, and a cover shot picturing Norma and Mike Waterson alongside Martin Carthy and Eliza Carthy.

Zazu magazine - Roland Gift

Magazine: Zazu

by Nick Boldockon 21st October 2016
  Magazine published in the late 1980s and based at Albany Street, Spring Bank, Hull. We have only seen one issue – there may have been more? Do you have any other issues? Were you involved with Zazu? If so we’d love to hear from you so please get in touch… Here’s the lowdown on […]

Sandman magazine logo

Magazine: Sandman

by Nick Boldockon 5th October 2016
Sandman first hit the Hull streets in late 2003, a bi-monthly free music magazine which was part of a group of similar titles – Sandman also had distinct regional versions in York, Sheffield and Leeds. Even as a standalone publication, some of the content was common across all four imprints, though the cover feature was […]

Tammy Cline - Country Music People

Magazine: Country Music People, July 1982

by Nick Boldockon 22nd July 2016
  Hull’s country star Tammy Cline adorned the cover of the Country Music People magazine in July, 1982. Tammy has a double page interview in the magazine, in which (in true Hull style) she innocently berates Emmylou Harris’s backing band for not dressing smartly enough! (She wasn’t being mean, we don’t think…) One of Hull’s […]

Folk Roots - The Watersons

Magazine: Folk Roots, March 1986

by Nick Boldockon 12th July 2016
  The Watersons (or some of them, at any rate) adorn the front cover of national magazine Folk Roots, back in March 1986.  

Zed's Replica

Magazine: Zed’s Replica

by Nick Boldockon 21st June 2016
Magazine first published in 2004. We have only seen one issue and at present we don’t know if there were any more. Do you have any other issues? Were you involved with Zed’s Replica? If so we’d love to hear from you – so please get in touch…