The Housemartins

Artist: The Housemartins

by Nick Boldockon 16th May 2017
The self-proclaimed "fourth best band in Hull" surely need little introduction to readers of these pages. Formed in 1983 by Paul Heaton and Stan Cullimore [...]

Live Lans

Artist: Live Lans

by Nick Boldockon 15th May 2017
Live Lans is an emerging artist transcending genre lines. [...]

Ruby & The Takeaways

Artist: Ruby & The Takeaways

by Nick Boldockon 20th April 2017
Formed from the ashes of Addis & The Fliptops in 1975, with Eric Goulden (later to sign to Stiff Records as Wreckless Eric) on guitar & vocals, Professor Sir Arthur Smee on drums & vocals, and Graham Beck, on Instapiano, echo unit & vocals [...]

Militant Red

Artist: Militant Red

by Nick Boldockon 19th April 2017
In 1981 Nik Townend (Akrylykz / Vital Records) started working with Mark Douglas, a Jamaican poet, singer and bass player studying at Hull University. [...]

Black September

Artist: Black September

by Nick Boldockon 7th April 2017
Formed in 1984 by Ian Hunter, Nick Wilson, Andy Rugg, Gordon Barker, and Phil Longman and described by ex Pink Noise guitarist, Nick Clay as "goth-lite", Black September carved out a sizable local following during 1984 and 1985 [...]

Quel Dommage

Artist: Quel Dommage

by Nick Boldockon 14th March 2017
Quel Dommage's only single "Bright Lights" (released by Hull/Cottingham based label Xcentric Noise in 1984) received airplay from the great John Peel back in the day and was engineered by Colin Richardson, who learned his trade under Martin Hannett [...]