Book: Spiders – Tales From Behind The Web

by on 25th October 2017


Spiders – Tales from Behind the Web is a book that celebrates Hull’s legendary alternative nightclub, Spiders.

In this book compiled by Andy Roe, the club’s charm is expressed through a series of anecdotes that have been written by former and current members; anecdotes that cleverly capture the very essence of the club, which is conveyed through a medley of topics, such as the ever-changing music and fashion tastes, relationships, friendships and the carnivalesque atmosphere. The stories are amusing, touching and very honest, creating a snapshot of the club’s history and the important role that it has played – and continue to play – in the lives of so many people who have experienced the delights of Spiders Nightclub.

Anyone reading this book will also learn how Spiders gradually evolved into a a kind of subculture melting pot, where many disparate tribes (punks, goths, rockabillies, psychobillies, indie kids and metalheads) successfully co-existed in the same space at the same time whilst maintaining a level of mutual harmony. And to this day, Spiders is still an environment where modern-day subcultures often find similarities with each other as opposed to differences.

What is most notable about this book is the way that Spiders is shown to be more than just a nightclub in an industrialised part of Hull, but a bridge between two worlds, where people have the opportunity to share their ‘alternative’ sensibilities with other like-minded sorts, resulting in moments of genuine self discovery, which has helped many former and current members to become more confident human beings in their everyday lives.

(Andy Roe)