Artist: still life

by on 19th October 2016

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Years Active:

1995 – 2005


Paul Terry (Vocals)
James Paddison (Bass)
Phil Bean (Drums)
Andy Clark (Guitar)
Mike Richmond (Guitar)

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Circus Envy


Formed in 1995 from a group of school-friends, still life quickly moved on from their early days as a covers band and found a sound influenced by the bands of the Britpop era – mixing influences such as Radiohead, Oasis, Suede, Manic Street Preachers and Stereophonics. The band comprised vocalist Paul Terry, bassist James Paddison, drummer Phil Bean and guitarists Andy Clark and Mike Richmond, who also wrote the band’s songs.

The band gigged heavily throughout the late nineties, appearing dozens of times at the Adelphi; played the Sesh in its very early days; and appeared several times on BBC Radio Humberside’s fledgling Raw Talent show. The band supported several big name acts in Hull, including The Beat and Fine Young Cannibals (both at Hull City Hall). The band are remembered for their elaborate (some may say pretentious) stage shows, often incorporating pyrotechnics and lighting.

Although early releases Caroline Place and Suicide Bridge clearly echo the sounds of their time, in the early 2000s, as Britpop died a lingering death, still life moved into a more experimental, harmony-led sound, hinted at early on with songs such as Empty Promises and the band’s most successful song Lost All Feeling, all typified by later singles Lips and At The Wheel.

The band split in 2005, playing their final show to a crowd thinned by a torrential downpour at Cleethorpes Winter Gardens, with support from Emma Rugg. James, Andy and Paul went on to form folk act Circus Envy, with guitarist Mike Richmond joining the Raindogs as lead guitarist. Phil now has a successful career with several cover bands, including Rolling Stones tribute Sticky Fingers.

(Mike Richmond)



When The Show Was Over (1999)

Everything’s For Sale (2000)


Caroline Place EP (CD / Cassette) (1997)

Suicide Bridge (1998)

Lips EP (2000)

At The Wheel (CD) (2004)