Artist: Redeye Feenix

by on 25th October 2016

(Photo: Sean Rogers)

Years Active:

1988 – present


Redeye Feenix is an emcee/songwriter of 25 years standing. Redeye has loved hip-hop since hearing Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, Hijack, and Derek B, in addition to watching the classic hip-hop movie Beat Street. He then started breaking and body popping around 1984/85 and went on to record his first demo around 1988/89 at The Warren in Hull City Centre.

Since then, hip-hop has played a massive part in his live performances throughout the city of Hull, and he has recorded two mix tapes and three albums, one with his crew Projekt Feenix.

In June, 2014 Redeye signed a distribution agreement with VOD Recordings and was featured on the critically acclaimed “Tear it Down” single produced by Jonathan Myles which was released on, iTunes, Amazon, and worldwide in the summer of 2014.

Redeye’s single and video “Living Here” was released worldwide in October, 2014 as a digital three song EP which includes “Hip Hop’s Not Dead” in addition to the instrumental version of the title track.

His new album Still Representing Hull was released in 2016.

(Redeye Feenix)


(Details to follow)

Representing From Hull – self released, 2006

Kidnap Rap – self released, 2009 (Projekt Feenix)

Tear It Down (digital single) – VOD Recordings, 2014 (Jonathan Myles feat. Redeye Feenix)

Living Here (2014) (3 track digital EP) – VOD Recordings, 2014

Still Representing Hull (CD album) – self released, 2016