Artist: Norm Kirby

by on 27th May 2019

Photo: Julie Cawkwell

Years Active

1977 – 1986; 2008 – present


In his own words…
Born April ’59, exactly two months after the death of Buddy Holly, so just the right age to be discovering glam rock, David Bowie and Iggy Pop when hitting puberty.
Roll on another five years or so and entering early adulthood I was blown away by punk rock, which set me on the path I’m on today. The Clash weren’t just the greatest band ever musically, they spawned a whole belief system which would last my entire lifetime.
Punk also gave us no-hopers the belief that we could go out and do things for ourselves, so from 1977 to 1986 I sang in and fronted local bands The Probe, Animation, The Criminals and One Of The Waiters, culminating in an appearance at The Humberside Rock Open Final before quitting music in disillusionment (the 80s had killed all my ideals).
Thus followed two decades in the rock ‘n’ roll wilderness, although comfort came from a friend who said, “it’s a shame you’re no longer playing Norm, I always saw you as East Hull’s answer to Lou Reed”.
Anyway, a new millennium (or was it mid life crisis?) brought a return to music and I re-learned my craft playing gig after gig with local cover bands. Not only that but the writing bug had taken hold, and before long I was reading my compositions on the poetry and spoken word scene.
Eventually this writing evolved into twelve original songs which would become my debut album The Road To Corporation Pier, released in October 2018. Completed with the help and considerable musical and production skills of John Cox and Andy Ware, it comprises an eclectic mix of styles ranging from punk rock, folk music, rock music and (dare I say it) Beat literature. There’s even a touch of Weimar cabaret thrown in there!
A successful launch gig was held on November 25th 2018 at Kardomah 94; the live performance and album receiving a terrific response. My favourite comment came from another friend who said, “That was great – it sounded just like Lou Reed”. Wow!
Giz a gig.



The Road To Corporation Pier (CD) – self released, 2018