Artist: MyOneManBand

by on 22nd January 2019

Years Active

1997 – Present


Phill Wilson


Phill Wilson was born in Beverley near Hull in 1980 and began making music on the Hull music scene in the late 90’s as a singer/songwriter guitarist. He then gigged extensively in the first part of the new millennium using live-looping devices and many guitar  effects to create a full band sound. The name MyOneManBand was born and he went on to self-release two albums (Don’t Believe The Weather – 2003 and Delay/Hold – 2006). During this time MyOneManBand became a regular fixture at The New Adelphi Club on De Grey Street in Hull, often playing the Monday night Open Mic sessions.

In 2010 he began to tire of playing the same songs week in, week out, so MyOneManBand first abandoned his previously constructed songs in favour of creating improvised soundscapes, and then dropped the guitar and foot pedals altogether, in favour of an ever changing roster of samplers, grooveboxes and synthesizers that formed the blueprint of improvised “soundtrack music” that he is still performing today.

During this time Phill was also the original bassist for Hull art rock band La Bete Blooms as well as formative member of noise-pop outfit The Glass Delusion where he played “Synths and Noise Makers”.

Through the friendship that formed between Wilson and The Glass Delusion’s de facto leader Lewis Young, MyOneManBand put out an unusual double album on Young’s Adult Teeth Recording Company label (Adapter / Mono Textura – 2014). This pack consisted of two CDs that could be listened to individually (Adapter is typical of the  beat driven electronica that Wilson was making at this time, whereas Mono-Textura is a purely ambient offering actually released under Wilson’s Blackface pseudonym ) but the idea is that both can be listened to via two CD or Media Players, simultaneously for a third and always unique experience that comes from the listeners own positions between their two sets of speakers and the slight variations on when the listener presses play on the two CDs.

After releasing this album MyOneManBand shifted focus away from much of the “gigging” scene to focus on smaller and more unusual outlets for his work. He has delivered two Tedx Talks – “The Illusion Of The Shy Musician” in Hull, and “Repetition As A Form Of Progression” in Carlisle. Wilson has also collaborated with other artforms such as working with Choreographers in Hull’s “Danza” and “Shorespace” projects to community projects such as “Unseen Beings”.

Currently MyOneManBand holds the acclaim of being the act who has the highest number of appearances at The New Adelphi Club in Hull where he can be found almost every Monday creating unique pieces of music which he now records as part of an ongoing archive of his work much of which he puts out through and . He has also launched a sub-project  “Thoughts and Lists” in which he invites members of the audience to become part of the show by joining him on stage to read poetry, prose or even a simple top ten on a given subject as he creates a real time soundtrack to accompany the speaker.



Don’t Believe The Weather (CD) – self released, 2003

Delay/Hold (CD) – self released, 2006

Live At Red Gallery (download) – Adult Teeth Recording Company, 2013

Mono-Textura (CD) – Adult Teeth Recording Company, 2014 [as Blackface]

Adapter (CD) – Adult Teeth Recording Company, 2014

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