Artist: Mindgarden

by on 14th October 2016

Years Active:

1990 – 1994


R. Pearson (Vocals
G. Wedgener (Guitar)
W. Wedgener (Guitar)
G. Norton (Bass)
Carl Lonsdale (Drums)


Active on the local scene from 1990 to 1994, Mindgarden built up a solid local following and supported Kingmaker, Paris Angels (at Tower) and Sleeper (at the Adelphi), among others.

Following Mindgarden’s split in 1994, members of the band would go on to form indie-pop outfit Soda.

(Carl Lonsdale / Hull Music Archive)


Mindgarden - Exhibitionists She Shines (2 track demo cassette)

Swimmers (4 track demo cassette)

Things (3 track demo cassette)

Exhibitionists (4 track demo cassette)


(Images/scans: Carl Lonsdale / Hull Music Archive)