Artist: Lithium Joe

by on 25th October 2016


Years Active:

1991- 2001; 2018


Paul Thompson (vocals / guitar)
Dave Foy (guitar / vocals)
Ian Miller (bass)
Aidy Gill (drums)

Nick (bass / backing vox)
Pat (drums)


Lithium Joe were a popular and prolific indie-punk band formed in the early 90s. Since the band’s dissolution in 2001, frontman Paul Thompson has carved out an acclaimed solo career as the outspoken singer-songwriter and activist Joe Solo. The band announced in early 2018 that they would reform for a reunion gig (two are planned at the time of writing) and a new studio release.

“Ten years, 300 gigs, 52 recorded songs and we made a lot of good friends…..oh yeah, and we painted a wall. Apart from that it was a hell of a ride.” – Joe Solo


(Details to follow)


50,000 Miles And Running (Cassette) – 1992

Stolen Summer (Cassette) – 1992

Stolen Summer 93 (Cassette) – 1993

Baby Steps (Cassette) – 1993

On The Campaign Trail With… (Cassette) – 1994


Upstairs At Park Street (CD) – Resolve, 2000


Enjoy Life (7″) – Pigdog, 1995 (split single with Gan)

Smalltown EP (CD) – Smile & Be Happy, 1996

SOS Bombs! (7″) – Resolve, 1997 (split EP with Scarper!)

War Stories EP (7″) – Resolve, 1998

At The Rainbow’s End (CD) – 2001