Artist: Kingmaker

by on 22nd October 2016


Years Active:

1990 – 1995


Loz Hardy (vocals / guitar)
Myles Howell (bass)
John Andrew (drums)


Kingmaker burst onto the local and national indie scene in the early 90s, signing a deal with major label Chrysalis who would go on to release three Kingmaker albums (three “proper” ones, at any rate) through their Scorch imprint.

The band certainly enjoyed more than a hint of success – they were supported by a fledgling Radiohead on an early 90s UK tour, saw albums released in America and Japan and even flirted with the pop charts (“Ten Years Asleep” reached the giddy heights of number 15 in the UK charts, bringing with it a prestigious appearance on Top Of The Pops in May 1993).

Kingmaker split in 1995 not long after the release of third album In The Best Possible Taste. A brief 2010 reunion (of sorts) did not include Loz Hardy (the band actually performed as “Kingmaker MMX”) and there has been no official Kingmaker activity since.

John Andrew and Myles Howell later rejoined musical forces in Hull band Dephot, the three man line up completed by guitarist/singer Mike Wright (ex The Bonnits). Dephot appeared at the Where Magazine 25th anniversary gig in July 2016, performing four Kingmaker songs. Since then the band have performed as Kingmaker 4AD (Kingmaker For A Day) with Wright sharing vocal duties with additional guitarist Matt Edible (Edible 5ft Smiths, The Holy Orders, Matt Edible & The Obtuse Angels).

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Eat Yourself Whole (LP, Cassette, CD) – Scorch, 1991

Sleepwalking (LP, Cassette, CD) – Scorch, 1993

To Hell With Humdrum (LP, Cassette, CD) – Scorch, 1993

In The Best Possible Taste (CD, LP) – Chrysalis, 1995

Bloodshot And Fancy Free – The Best And The Rest Of (CD) – Chrysalis, 1997

Everything Changed 1991-1995 (5CD boxset) – Cherry Red, 2020

Singles / EPs

Celebrated Working Man EP (1991)

Waterproof EP (1991)

Two Headed EP (1991)

Idiots At The Wheel EP (1992)

Killjoy Was Here EP (1992)

Armchair Anarchist (1992)

Stained And Sinking Fast (1992) (flexi)

Really Scrape The Sky (1992) (promo only)

Ten Years Asleep (1993)

Queen Jane (1993)

Saturday’s Not What It Used To Be (1993)

You And I Will Never See Things Eye To Eye (1995)

In The Best Possible Taste (Part 2) (1995)