Artist: Kestrel

by on 22nd October 2016

(Photo c/o Andy Bradley)

Years Active:

1984 – 1999


Iain Cargill (vocals / rhythm guitar)
Trev Garton (lead guitar / vocals)
Andy Bradley (bass)
Neil Cargill (drums)

Steve Preston (bass)
Nigel Beaumont (guitar)
Mike O’Hara (bass)


Kestrel were formed in 1984, consisting of Iain Cargill (vocals and rhythm guitar), Neil Cargill (drums and backing vocals), Trev Garton (lead guitar and backing vocals) and Steve Preston (bass guitar and backing vocals).

A four-track live demo was recorded in 1984 with tracks “Devil’s Ice”, “Where Did We Go Wrong”, “Straight And Narrow” and “Sweet Little Lady”.

In 1985 Kestrel went to Angel Studios (with Steve Larkman as producer) and recorded “Spotlights”, ““Wishing”, “Go For It (Fluffy Dice)” and “Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere”. “Go For It” also featured on compilation LP “Humber Beat” in 1987.

The band was subject to A&R interest from Atlantic Records and a follow up recording had to be submitted, so in early 1988 Kestrel returned to Angel Studios (this time with John Rowley handling production) to record a demo tape which contained the tracks “Rock N Roll’s Gonna Save The Day”, “One More Time For The Road”, and “Black Christmas” (the latter a tribute to the late Phil Lynott).

In October 1988 Andy Bradley replaced Steve Preston on bass, having worked with the band for the previous two years as their roadie and lighting / pyrotechnics technician. The “All Fired Up” / “Gimme What I Want” demos were recorded during Spring 1989 at Animal Tracks studio (with Steve Kirkby producing). London-based Tigon Records liked “All Fired Up” and invited Kestrel to re-record it in London for a forthcoming compilation CD – “British Rock Festival” which contained 11 bands carefully chosen from almost 2000 from all over Europe. Ex-Argent vocalist and guitarist John Verity also featured on this album. In 1990 Animal Tracks recording studios was again used for demo sessions (Steve Kirkby again behind the desk) which resulted in “Ain’t No Smoke Without Fire” and “Love’s So Dangerous”. The London recording of “All Fired Up” was later released as a 3 track 12″ single (released 1991) with “Ain’t No Smoke” and “Love’s So Dangerous” on the B-side. Also in 1991, the band headlined an outdoor concert in Hull’s Queens Gardens, playing to an audience of around 1500 people on a bill that include support acts The Purple Gang (Ched) and Matthew Hogg.

The band invested in setting up their own rehearsal and recording studio for personal use and recorded several other demos before having interest in 1994 from Top Knotch Management. Bradley and Garton left the band in 1995 and were replaced by Nigel Beaumont (guitar and backing vocals) and Mike O’Hara (bass and backing vocals). This line-up of the band would record the CD album “Bad Habits” with Top Knotch Management (Mark Daghorn, Simon Whitehurst and Anthony Kempster). The band eventually disbanded in 1999.

Guitarist Nigel Beaumont, who joined the band in 1995, sadly passed away in February 2015. He was a well-liked figure in the local rock community and is sadly missed.

(Andy Bradley)


All Fired Up (12″) – self released, 1991

Bad Habits (CD) – self released, 1995

Appeared On

Humber Beat (LP) – Criminal Records, 1987 (track – “Go For It”)

British Rock Festival (CD) – Tigon Records, 1989 (track – “All Fired Up”)