Artist: Jackson D

by on 30th November 2016

(Photo: Rich Duffy-Howard)

Years Active (as solo artist):

2015 – Present


Jackson D, in his own words…

Strangely my variable influences such as Brett Anderson, Morrissey, Jarvis Cocker and Presley are not reflected in my performance or sound. If anything it’s the artists I have ignored that are assigned to me. Such as Scott Walker, David Bowie and Nick Cave.

Starting out during the early 90s I was playing crowd pleasing tunes from the 1950/60s. It was a modest start for my musical ambitions. Although being the front man in various bands I quickly discovered I was never really at ease playing other artist’s scores.In 2008 I decided to put my own original band together. Pigsty, later to become TFR [The Final Romance] was formed. Gothic and dark in nature it seemed to me to be a move in the right direction. In 2015 as a performer I decided to go it alone and concentrate on a solo performance under my name Jackson D. Although I was received as quirky or even strange, my performance and vocals captured my audience immediately.

Surprisingly for me (as I do not consider myself a blues artist) I was observed at a festival and was requested to featured in national blues magazine Blues Matters.

The solo future is exciting for me. Recently playing music festivals and radio shows, and making guest appearances here, there and everywhere. The demand for a record release grew bigger. Now in 2016 I am hard at work in the recording studio. I recently released a vinyl single, “Black Ribbon”, and my debut album release is scheduled for summer 2017.

Although I have been around playing the music scene since the early 90s I feel like I am a new artist on the scene and have a lot of style to offer.

(Jackson D, Nov 16)

UPDATE: Jackson’s debut album “Face” (as mentioned above) was released on March 12th, 2017, with an album launch gig at The Back Room in Cottingham the previous evening.



Black Ribbon (7″ vinyl) – self released, August 2016


Face (CD) – self released, March 2017

Appears On

Cottingham Springboard Festival 2014 (compilation CD) – self released, 2014 (track: Drowned By The Sea)