Artist: Dave Fox

by on 31st March 2019



The expansive music career of Dave Fox began in the late 90s. With roots as a drummer on the live circuit Dave opened his first recording studio (Angel Studio) in 1997. Working with many top local bands he spent the years at Angel not only developing his talents as a producer but developing his skills as an original songwriter. On the back of Angel Studio’s success Dave financed and recorded his first album and went on to form Blind Frog Ernie in 2001. With a prolific fusion of high octane, balls awkward blues rock, BFE quickly became one of the most popular bands of their time on the Northern circuit and added a further five studio albums to Dave’s already impressive back catalogue. This lead to US and UK TV and radio airtime and two live BBC sessions.

In 2006 Dave went on to form Shaven Apes, releasing the darkly acclaimed albums Inner Sanctum and Shave An Ape on his newly formed studio label. Dave has worked with Hull singer/songwriter Sharron Nicholle aka Alexis on her debut CD The Look of Innocence,  co-written and produced London-based wrestler The OJMO and Hull NGW wrestler JD Boom’s walk on music (featured on Sky television) and co-produced music for a play for Hull Truck Theatre with Bernie Laverick, as well as being the man behind the guitar in Hot Minute and The Charlie Pullen Project. Dave is currently involved in several studio projects with local artists and is now in negotiation with film and music companies on the back of this material.

The music of Dave Fox is out there for the foreseeable future.


Blind Frog Ernie

Seven Shades Of Blue (CD) – self released, 1997

Hull Rock (CD) – self released, 2001

Mk II (CD) – self released, 2001

Naked: From The Forehead Up (CD) – self released, 2002

EP (CD) – self released, 2003

Live (CD) – self released, 2004

Blind Frog Ernie (CD) – self released, 2005

Ver: 5.1 (CD) – self released, 2006

Dave Fox

Inner Sanctum (CD) – self released, 2006

Shaven Apes

Shave An Ape (CD) – self released, 2007

Sharron Nicholle

Look Of Innocence (CD) – self released, 2012


City Of Pride (City ‘Till I Die) – self released, 2014

The Charlie Pullen Project

Looking For The Place / Who Am I – self released, 2015


War (featuring Sharron Nicholle and Playa One) – self released, 2016

Voices In My Head (featuring Christina Ward) – self released, 2017




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