Artist: Church Of Non Believers

by on 22nd November 2017


Years Active:

2015 – Present


Deeaay Harrison (vocals)
Carlos Pires (guitar)
Phil Mower (guitar / synths)
James Ranson (synths / programming)


Church Of Non Believers are a band that was born out of a very real and personal tragedy. After the fallout of this devastation the band formed and wrote their debut album Birth, an intimate and exposed work that dealt with events that the band felt they could not shy away from. Birth received a small physical release (on CD) and was distributed across various venues across the UK, and connected with audiences in a very personal way.

After the intense and serious content of Birth, Church Of Non Believers decided to “reach their hands up through the grave toward the light” and write some “in-your-face electro blues / gospel bangers”. Some light after the dark, if you will. The resulting EP Electro Shock Misery was released on October 31st 2017 via Spotify, Bandcamp and other digital outlets, accompanied by a limited CD release. The songs on the EP are positive, melodic, confrontational and of course, uncomfortable – full of black humour, big choruses and revealing lyrics.

Church Of Non Believers are a band following their own path and their own sound. For good or for bad, they challenge convention by avoiding the pitfalls of embracing a sole genre. We at Hull Music Archive are confirmed disciples!



Electro Shock Misery (CD / digital) – Doomboy, October 2017


Birth (CD / digital) – Doomboy, January 2017