Artist: Blind Frog Ernie

by on 7th April 2019


Years Active

1997 – 2006


Line-up 1
Dave Fox (guitar / vocals)
Christina Ward (guitar/ vocals)
Mark Allsopp (bass)
Andy Hemmings (drums)

Line-up 2
Neil Bailey (vocals)
Dave Fox (guitar / vocals)
Mark Allsopp (bass)
Jon Dawson (drums)

Line-up 3
Neil Bailey (vocals)
Dave Fox (guitar / vocals)
Mark Allsopp (bass)
Alan Smith (drums)

Line-up 4
Neil Bailey (vocals)
Dave Fox (guitar / vocals)
Mark Allsopp (bass)
Adrian English (drums)


Blind Frog Ernie was started as a studio project in 1997 by Dave Fox. He recorded the first BFE album Seven Shades Of Blue at Angel Studio. Dave was soon joined by Christina Ward on rhythm guitar and backing vocals, Mark Allsopp on bass and Andy Hemmings on drums. In 2003, Chrissy and Andy left the band and into the fold came Neil Bailey on lead vocals and Jon Dawson on drums. The band recorded several acclaimed CDs and toured the UK until 2006 (with a couple of changes of drummer in the interim) when they decided to call it a day.


Seven Shades Of Blue (CD) – self released, 1997

The Urban Blues Experience (CD) – self released, 1999

Hull Rock (CD) – self released, 2001

Mk II (CD) – self released, 2001

Naked: From The Forehead Up (CD) – self released, 2002

EP (CD) – self released, 2003

Live (CD) – self released, 2004

Blind Frog Ernie (CD) – self released, 2005

Ver: 5.1 (CD) – self released, 2006



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