Artist: Alan Jefferson

by on 10th August 2016


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Hull born Alan Jefferson released one album, Galactic Nightmare (1986) produced during the years 1979-1984. Alan had heard War of The Worlds and wanted to one day produce his own epic science-fiction space adventure. Jefferson took to his shed (‘AJ Studios’) with an astonishing array of electronic equipment including a Mini Moog synthesiser, Hammond C3 organ, Grant Strat electric guitar, Electric Mistress flanger, Boss distortion and various pedals to record his magnum opus onto a Tascam 80, 8 Track tape recorder. The project took him nearly seven years and Jefferson was responsible for the whole process; writing and narrating the story, playing the music, singing the songs, making the artwork, documentation and posters, tape dubs… everything.

The finished article made its way onto cassette and was made available for sale in advertisements placed in the back of magazines such as CU Amiga and Future Music throughout the late 1980s. The tape found a small cult following yet sunk without trace.

In 2015, esoteric record label Trunk Records (with a little help from comedian Stewart Lee) re-released Galactic Nightmare across double gatefold LP replete with full illustrations, graphics and story from Jefferson himself. The aliens have now landed; Alan Jefferson’s rightful place in electronic music history is now cemented. Hull has found its science-fiction muse.


(Further detail to follow…)

Alan Jefferson - Galactic Nightmare Galactic Nightmare

Self Released (Cassette only, 1986)
Trunk Records (2LP reissue, 2015)