Artist: 3-Action!

by on 4th October 2016

Years Active

1986 – 1989


Grayham Grasshopper (Guitar)
Gareeoch (Bass / Vocals)
Artful Dodger (Drums / Backing Vocals)


This account of 3-Action’s potted history is by bassist/singer Gary Hock (aka Gareeoch)…

The bastard sons of East Hull, radical noise in Hawaiian shirts, trailed a blaze, appealing to all subject to a glue induced haze – from Jimmy Reckitt to Bev Road, through the mid to late ’80s.

Apprenticeship served at the Trades & Labour Club, supporting such class acts as The Redskins, Newtown Neurotics, The Membranes… and the afternoon bingo caller.

The band became a fixture at the all New Adelphi Club, one of the original three bands “better than the Housemartins” – officially (despite what some misinformed bloke wrote whilst sat on the Adelphi toilet, rewriting history – knob).  Memorable gigs include playing with Pulp, The Farm, Brilliant Corners, Soup Dragons and bestest of all, The La’s.

3-Action toured with The Housemartins on the Happy Tour (1986) before releasing their first recording “…On the Journey of a Lifeline” [released on 7 and 12 inch vinyl]. Quickly followed up by another 12″ release, “(Don’t Lose that) Stealin’ Feelin'”. During a publicity trip for “Stealin’ Feelin'” to London, the three intrepid and all-too-innocent boys were abused in the back of Gary Davies’ red sports car – him in the middle together with that poison midget Bruno Brookes (who had been hiding in the glove compartment) made for an uncomfortable ride for the lads. What they did for their art and Hull that day remains largely unspoken but it all proved to be worthwhile… [we didn’t dare ask – HMA Ed]

Janice Long rescued them and took them under her wing, with “Stealin’ Feelin'” receiving regular air time on her Radio 1 evening show.

“A Breath of Fresh Air-gency”, their final vinyl offering was released in 1987 with an enthusiastic response from a couple of their best mates… and that’s no exaggeration – they thought it was dead good!

A couple of further recording sessions at Fairview Studios took place in 1988, kindly sponsored by ex-Housemartin Stan Cullimore, featuring such seminal tracks as Shock Me Sharply and Ballad for Flo.

(Gary Hock)


…On The Journey Of A Lifetime (7″/12″) – Ediesta Records, 1986

(Don’t Lose That) Stealin’ Feelin’ (12″) – Ediesta Records, 1986

A Breath Of Fresh Air-Gency (12″) – Ediesta Records, 1987

(Details to follow)