Artist: 2 Loops Lautrec

by on 24th May 2020

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Steve Cobby
Dave McSherry

About 2 Loops Lautrec

An early one-off recording alias of Steve Cobby and Dave McSherry (better known as electronic trailblazers Fila Brazillia), the one and only 2 Loops Lautrec release remains the 1993 Pork single “Ojah”. A one-sided 12″, it may not say Fila Brazillia on the label but once you hear it you know where it came from. Clocking in at over eight minutes long, it’s a fairly epic slice of electronica which sits nicely in amongst the unparalleled Pork Recordings back catalogue.

Like much of the early Pork discography, it’s not very easy to find without shelling out a fair bit. However, there are occasionally copies available on Discogs… and it’s worth every penny anyway.


Ojah (12″) – Pork Recordings, May 1993 (PORK 008)