Artist: Church Of Non Believers

by Nick Boldockon 22nd November 2017
Church Of Non Believers are a band that was born out of a very real and personal tragedy. After the fallout of this devastation the band formed and wrote their debut album Birth, an intimate and exposed work that dealt with events that the band felt they could not shy away from. [...]

Artist: The Gold Needles

by Nick Boldockon 8th November 2017
Originally formed as a studio project, The Gold Needles have expanded recently to become a full live band. [...]

Artist: At Circles End

by Nick Boldockon 30th October 2017
At Circles End are a modern Indie/Rock 5 piece formed in Hull UK city of culture 2017. [...]

Book: Spiders – Tales From Behind The Web

by Nick Boldockon 25th October 2017
Spiders - Tales from Behind the Web is a book that celebrates Hull's legendary alternative nightclub, Spiders. [...]

Artist: JJ Fuchs

by Nick Boldockon 21st October 2017
One of many recording pseudonyms of Fila Brazillia mainstay Steve Cobby, JJ Fuchs was (to date, at least) a one-off moniker which yielded the one-sided 12" single "Stick It In T'Middle".

Artist: Robert Holmes

by Nick Boldockon 21st October 2017
Robert Holmes was initially in the local spotlight as the vocalist in Hull outfit Poor Howard (who put out the excellent "Maybe Tomorrow" single in '84). That single came out via the Red Guitars' record label Self Drive, and the two bands played together on numerous occasion [...]