Quel Dommage

Artist: Quel Dommage

by Nick Boldockon 14th March 2017
Quel Dommage's only single "Bright Lights" (released by Hull/Cottingham based label Xcentric Noise in 1984) received airplay from the great John Peel back in the day and was engineered by Colin Richardson, who learned his trade under Martin Hannett [...]

Akrylykz pin badge

Memorabilia: Akrylykz pin badge

by Nick Boldockon 13th March 2017
  Akrylykz – one inch pin badge. As you can see this has suffered some corrosion due to age, but still a great little badge. Exact year unknown, but presumably around 1980. Property of Hull Music Archive.

The Glass Delusion

The Glass Delusion – The Right Honourable Reverend Doctor Smith

by Nick Boldockon 10th March 2017
Limited edition green vinyl split single [...]

1995 programme (c/o Paul Bird)

Concert Programmes: The Beautiful South

by Nick Boldockon 7th March 2017
Beautiful South concert programmes [...]

The Adelphi Club - Live In Early '95

Various Artists – The Adelphi Club – Live In Early ’95

by Nick Boldockon 6th March 2017
Compilation cassette featuring a series of artists recorded live at the Adelphi in 1995. [...]

Liars' Bar - front

Postcards: The Beautiful South

by Nick Boldockon 23rd February 2017
Promotional postcards advertising Beautiful South releases, sent to mailing list members by post. [...]