Liars' Bar - front

Postcards: The Beautiful South

by Nick Boldockon 23rd February 2017
Promotional postcards advertising Beautiful South releases, sent to mailing list members by post. [...]

Wellington Club flyer, 1980

Flyer: The Wellington Club, 1980

by Nick Boldockon 23rd February 2017
Wellington Club flyer from 1980, kindly donated by promoter/musician Tony Menzies.

Fun N Frenzy

Artist: Fun N Frenzy

by Nick Boldockon 2nd February 2017
Fun N Frenzy formed in 1983. Rich had previously been in Fiction Romance with Ingo Dewsnap, Sharon Green and Steve Cuerton. Dominic, Rich and Martin had all at various points in time been members of Pete Stitt’s Strange Ways who had released the excellent Years Of Pain / I Don’t Know Who She Is single in 1982. [...]

David Whitfield sheet music

Sheet Music: David Whitfield

by Nick Boldockon 5th January 2017
A gallery of sheet music of songs by the legendary David Whitfield. [...]

Nyam Nyam

Artist: Nyam Nyam

by Alex Wilsonon 2nd January 2017
Formed in Hull, 1979 around core members Paul Trynka (guitar/vocal), Trevor Simpson (bass/guitars) and Steve Jessop (drums), Nyam Nyam are one of the city’s finest post-punk acts. [...]

The Raywells - Hypermania

The Raywells – Hypermania

by Nick Boldockon 30th December 2016
CD single from 2003 [...]